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Janet Dillon: Create a healthier life - you deserve it!
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 Hi! I'm Janet and my goal is to help you and your family become healthier through small, simple changes that produce huge results in three areas of your life - environment, personal health and financial.

Why Create A Healthier Life?

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For over 2 decades, health and nutrition has always been an interest of mine. How what we eat affects how we feel. How we feel so much better when we eat well and stay active.

I grew up in the time when convenience foods became really popular...instant potatoes, frozen desserts, packaged foods, candy, and soda. In school, I was never interested in competitive sports but I was an active child.

While in college, my interest in nutrition was sparked by a book review on Jane Brody's Nutrition Book. I bought a copy and I was hooked. How interesting it is to find out how food affects you and your health.

I grew up in a small town in Colorado and our public library was not very large and the internet hadn't been born yet. So information on nutrition was difficult to come by.


The Turning Point...

After college and moving to Southwest Colorado, I married and had a child. A few years later, we had a second child. After weaning my second child, I had hormone problems. I was angry all the time. Thankfully, I recognized right away that I needed help and called my doctor.

My doctor prescribed progesterone. It didn't help. Then he prescribed anti-depressants which did help. But I was concerned about being on anti-depressants and my doctor said that he would wean me off in about a year.

A year later I couldn't get off the meds. We tried again a few months later and I still couldn't get off the meds. I was frustrated with the whole situation so I started to truly listen to my body. It was really just strong PMS every day.

A friend of mine used Shaklee supplements. I asked her if she had any information on PMS. She had a booklet that I read right away. I began taking what was recommended. After six weeks, I weaned myself off the meds without ever going back to the doctor.

This got me to thinking...

 How can just switching vitamins make such a difference? 

I had taken name-brand vitamins and vitamins from health food stores. I never thought there was really a difference.

Supplements are not regulated and manufacturers can put anything they want on their labels and in their products. This is how I got started with Shaklee.

My family has greatly benefited from switching. We rarely had to see a doctor. If we became ill, it tended to be shorter in intensity and in how long the illness lasted compared to others with the same illness. We were not only healthier, but we weren't spending our money and time with doctors and medications.

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We live in beautiful southwest Colorado...our version of paradise! We are empty nesters who love to hike, fish, cross country ski, snowhoe, and generally just be OUTDOORS! We love growing our own vegetables, which also gets us outside. My family and I enjoy a healthy life. Your should expect no less for yourself and your family.